“Enchanting Gaze” (3rd November, 2014) from Italian ambient electronica artist Elisa Luu. The album is released through La bèl netlabel in collaboration with Hidden Shoal.

Download the first single from the album here: labelnetlabel.bandcamp.com/

Read more about Elisa Luu here: hiddenshoal.com/project/elisa-luu/


First track lifted from the forthcoming Elisa Luu mini-album “Enchanting Gaze”. The album is released through La bèl netlabel in collaboration with Hidden Shoal on the 3rd of November 2014.

More on Elisa Luu here – www.hiddenshoal.com/project/elisa-luu/

This music is available for licensing. Email Cam at Hidden Shoal for more details: cam[@]hiddenshoal.com


Elisa Luu (Elisabetta Luciani) is a Rome based composer. She begins her music career as a saxophone player, moving freely from fusion to jazz. Elisa Luu has been involved in many music projects over the years, including fusion quartet Prodotti Speciali and Short’s Monday Night Jazz Orchestra. She participated to Berklee Jazz clinics where she got a special mention as alto sax player. In 2007 she moved forward and started to compose ambient/electronic music. She is also the co-founder of La Bèl, an Italian netlabel offering free electroacoustic music, including her own EP ‘The time of waiting’. In 2009 she released her debut album ‘Chromatic Sigh’ with Hidden Shoal Recordings. Now her new single ‘ Se fosse per me’ is out – taken from her forthcoming long-awaited second album with the same Australian-based independent music label, which is going to be released in June.
Read the Review of New CD on Fluid-radio.co.uk and OndaRock
Listen ” Un Giorno Sospeso” the new CD

Hidden Shoal






“Sea Chair” – Second Prize win in European Short Film Category, Young Director Award 2014 in Cannes for Sea Chair.
Music : Elisa Luu – “22 Marz” (Track included in “The time of waiting” [LBN003])
Concept & Design : Alexander Groves & Azusa Murakami
Film : Juriaan Booij




curators: Di Bos (Adriano Bossola) and Elisa Luu (Elisabetta Luciani)

La bèl netlabel was born March 1, 2010. (Rome/Biella, Italy)
La bèl netlabel loves the experimentation, the sound of footsteps on the snow, internet & technology, the spring, the sun on the face, listen to music before falling asleep, being alone in the middle of the night,the cries of children that go out of school,the smell of the rain on the warm asphalt,the time of waiting, the moment before each arrival…






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